ATC Recruitment Hits the Airwaves

It's been a busy first semester for ATC's newest recruiter, Whitney Carter, as she has hit the road crisscrossing the state to get the word out about Arkansas Teacher Corps! From Jonesboro to Helena to Pine Bluff, hear Whitney's cheerful voice on your favorite radio station encouraging you to apply.

ATC Staff Set 2021-22 Goals at Team Retreat

ATC Staff Set 2021-22 Goals at Team Retreat

Meeting together in-person for the first time since February 2021, the Arkansas Teacher Corps staff met at the beautiful DeGray Lake State Park Resort in Bismarck, AR for a beginning-of-year kickoff retreat. Over the course of two days, the ATC team learned more about each other, normed on expectations for communication and collaboration, and set shared goals for recruiting and retaining even more fellows in the Arkansas Delta.

ATC Welcomes 4 New Fellows After 1st Deadline

Susie O'Neal, Ariana Rowles, Riley Tribble, and Erica Williams have been selected for ATC fellowships to teach 4-8 social studies, 7-12 ELA, 7-12 social studies, and 7-12 family/consumer science, respectively, in the Arkansas Delta. The next deadline for fellowship applications is January 1, 2021.