Characteristics of an ATC Fellow

The Arkansas Teacher Corps partners with school districts to recruit, train, and support committed Arkansans as empowered teachers facilitating excellent, equitable education every day. Whether you already live in Arkansas or are looking to soon call Arkansas home, we applaud your commitment to the students, schools, and communities across our state. Together, we can ensure that all students are empowered as rigorous learners, resilient individuals, and responsive leaders regardless of race/color, socioeconomic status, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, ability/disability, and religion.

ATC is looking for passionate individuals who demonstrate a commitment to our values:

  • Are you a LEARNER who approaches new challenges as an opportunity for growth?
  • Are you a MENTOR who builds relationships to navigate change and be your best self?
  • Are you a PARTNER and ALLY who collaborates with others to achieve shared goals?
  • Are you a LEADER who will step outside your own comfort zone to do meaningful work?


If this sounds like you and you have a bachelor’s degree or higher with a minimum 2.75 GPA and 21 ACT/1650 SAT score, we invite you to apply!

Applicant Dispositions

Successful applicants will also demonstrate the following dispositions throughout the selection process:

  • Commitment

    Applicant demonstrates an exceptionally high sense of dedication to students in the state of Arkansas and stands out as an individual with strong vision/mission orientation, desire to make a difference, and personal resilience.

  • Learning Mindset

    Applicant expresses desire to learn, offers clear examples of ability to do so, and encourages learning of other applicants.

  • Self and Social Awareness

    Applicant uses personal strengths, beliefs, and core values to lead, while working to understand others’ complex, underlying thoughts and emotions.

  • Diversity and Equity

    Applicant has a fully developed sense of self across multiple identity markers and demonstrates the skills needed to build relationships in diverse settings.

  • Reasoning & Strategic Thinking

    Applicant analyzes complex systemic problems from several sources of data and multiple perspectives to formulate high-leverage solutions and articulate clear action steps steps.

  • Effective Communication

    Applicant communicates complicated information exceptionally clear both verbally and in writing, adapting the message depending on audience (particularly those who are disinterested or unsympathetic).

Sound like someone you know? Recommend them to ATC!