Survey Assesses Students’ Social-Emotional Readiness

A recent survey of students taught by Arkansas Teacher Corps fellows found that students’ self-reported grit has increased since September 2021 when the fall survey was last administered and grit was rated the overall lowest. Students again rated self-management and instruction as the highest overall with little change from before. However, students also indicated a decrease in growth mindset, or the belief that a person's intelligence and abilities can be improved through new learning, challenge, and practice.

Fellows Focus on Equity, Lesson Planning at 2nd PD

On Saturday, November 12, Arkansas Teacher Corps fellows and staff met at Chicot Elementary in Little Rock for the second All Corps professional development of the 2022-23 year. The all-day event began with equity in the morning, followed by content-specific development and a rousing lesson planning competition after lunch. Overall, 89% of fellows felt that the day's PD empowered them facilitate ATC's mission of excellent, equitable education, and 86% felt they have the ongoing support from ATC they need to be successful.