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The ATC Summer Institute is a seven-week intensive training program that prepares Fellows to teach in high-need areas of Arkansas. Fellows gain foundational skills in four core areas of development: instruction, relationships, consciousness, and change. As much as possible, Institute combines authentic classroom experience in a summer school setting with professional learning communities, guest speakers, and community partnerships to facilitate the most transformative learning environment possible both for teachers and summer school students.

Institute Vision

The ATC Summer Institute facilitates rigorous, engaging, and meaningful learning experiences for all students as well as authentic, culturally responsive teaching experiences for Fellows in a school and community representative of ATC placements, resulting in measurable academic growth for students, outcomes-aligned professional growth for Fellows, and leadership development for ATC staff and district partners.

Institute Mission

The ATC Summer Institute sets the conceptual, pedagogical, and organizational foundation for Fellows’ three-year teaching commitment. Utilizing a cohort model and partnering with ATC placement schools whenever possible, Institute is a seven-week intensive learning experience at the nexus of theory and practice. Fellows engage in sessions aligned with the four ATC development outcomes and individualized coaching from their Summer Mentor to cultivate the knowledge, skills, and mindsets used in planning and teaching a three-week, unit-long course at summer school. Culminating in a portfolio presentation, Institute equips Fellows to strategically plan and prepare for their first year of teaching through reflection and goal-setting.

Summer Staff Positions

As an Arkansas Teacher Corps Summer Director, you will work with ATC full-time staff to create a shared vision and goals for the summer, design a training and support plan for adult learners, and manage a team of four to six Summer Mentors. Institute Directors will collaborate with other summer staff to build and sustain a supportive, growth-oriented culture for Fellows to improve their practice. Directors will report to the Managing Director and will have opportunities to grow in the areas of team management, session design/facilitation, communication skills, conflict management, emotional intelligence, and personal investment. Directors will work part-time in the spring semester in preparation for Institute and full-time from May through July.

Positions Available (click to read more about each position):

Application Deadline: Sunday, October 25th

Full-Time or Part-Time: Full-Time

Compensation: $7,000 (depending on experience) plus housing

Required Qualifications: To fulfill position requirements, all candidates must…

  • demonstrate backwards planning through effective goal-setting and progress monitoring
  • have experience leading adult learning or managing adults
  • have experience working in rural and low-income communities
  • commit to all required training and the Summer Institute schedule
  • have strong time/stress management, conflict resolution, and organizational skills
  • be professional in all interactions with a customer service oriented disposition
  • be deeply committed to educational equity in the state of Arkansas

To fulfill position requirements, candidates for the Director of Coaching, Facilitation, or Equity must…

  • have an AR teaching license and 3+ years of teaching experience K-12
  • have experience using the Arkansas TESS rubric to reflect on professional practice
  • have experience mentoring novice teachers

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As an Arkansas Teacher Corps Summer Mentor, you will be the first point-of-contact for a Mentor Group of four to six Fellows as they gain foundational knowledge and develop skills to be effective teachers. You will work collaboratively with the other Mentors throughout the summer, working to build and sustain a supportive, growth-oriented culture of #ATCFamily as you coach your Fellows to improve their practice. Your direct supervisor will be the ATC Director of Coaching, but you will also collaborate with the Director of Facilitation to support and co-facilitate professional development sessions aligned to the ATC development outcomes of Instruction, Relationships, and Consciousness. Your Mentor Group will ideally be organized as much as possible by grade and content, but you may coach teachers of any content area and grade level.

Application Deadline: TBA

Preferred Applicants: Licensed AR teachers with 2+ years experience

Full-Time or Part-Time: Full-Time

Compensation: $3,500 – $4,500 (depending on experience) plus housing

As an Arkansas Teacher Corps Summer Intern, you will be a direct assistant to the summer staff, working collaboratively and independently to the ultimate goal of Fellow and student growth. Your duties will focus on the design, set-up, and execution of Summer Institute logistics and cohort culture, ensuring Fellows have the necessary infrastructure to deliver high-quality instruction to all summer school students. Although your role is primarily out of the classroom, your work has a direct impact on the success of Fellows and students. In weekly check-ins with the director, you will have the opportunity to set-up classroom observations and design your own development activities according to your interest and desire in addition to basic training in vision-setting, culture-building, emotional intelligence, and Google Apps for Education.

Application Deadline: TBA

Preferred Applicants: Rising juniors or seniors at a 4-year college/university (ASU a plus)

Full-Time or Part-Time: Full-Time

Compensation: $1,000 plus housing (and possibility of class credit)

More About Virtual (Institute 2020)

In the age of COVID-19, Summer Institute strives to convey the realities of a virtual classroom, building relationships with students remotely and delivering lessons on a variety of digital platforms, while putting the safety of students and Fellows first.

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