The ATC Society

The ATC Society is the Arkansas Teacher Corps’ platform for monthly, sustaining donations or one-time yearly gifts. When you join the ATC Society as a contributing member, you become part of a larger movement to support novice teachers and rural education in the state of Arkansas.

Joining ATC Society, your contributions make a difference — no matter the amount! Check out our “5 Levels of Giving” to see how your monthly pledge or one-time donation can make a difference for Arkansas teachers and students today.

ATC Society members will be kept up-to-date on how their donations are used, will receive small gifts of gratitude from ATC as a show our appreciation for your support, and (with member approval) may be recognized throughout the ATC website, social media, presentations, printed materials, and more.

5 Levels of Giving

For as little as $2/month, your gift can provide a Fellow study materials for teacher licensure exams.

A gift of $10/month can cover the registration fee of a Fellow’s required exam for teacher licensure.

A monthly pledge of $25 can provide the required training texts for a Fellow at Summer Institute.

With a gift of $40/month, you can fund a content-specific expert for one subject area at our training.

A monthly pledge of $50 can provide a Fellow with a year of classroom coaching.

For $100/month, you can provide housing for a Fellow during the entire 7-week summer institute.

A one-time gift of $2,500 can support a Fellow’s moving and living costs during the summer institute.

With a gift of $400/month, you can sponsor one of our four annual professional development Saturdays.

For $10,000, you can cover travel expenses to make classroom coaching available for 20 Fellows.

With a gift of $15,000, you can provide important mental health and childcare services for Fellows completing the seven-week Summer Institute.

A gift of $20,000 can completely sponsor all four of our annual professional development Saturdays.

An annual gift of $25,000 can cover one year’s rent and utilities for a brick-and-mortar ATC office space.

With a donation of $75,000, you can sponsor a Teacher Development Coach supporting 20+ Fellows.

With a gift of $100,000 you can sponsor an annual cohort of newly recruited Fellows to provide transition stipends and completion awards.

With a gift of $150,000 you can sponsor the annual Summer Institute for newly recruited Fellows to provide housing, on-site training, and support staff.

With an annual gift of $250,000 you can sponsor one of our five geographical regions to provide classroom coaching, on-site differentiated training and development, licensure support, and wraparound services for 15-20 Fellows.

3 Ways to Give

You can make a one-time gift or setup recurring monthly contributions directly from your checking or savings account by completing and returning this gift form to ATCsociety[at]

Mail a check payable to “University of Arkansas” with “ATC Society” in the memo line. Send the check and this completed gift form by mail to ATC Society, c/o Brandon Lucius, GRAD 218, 1 University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR 72701

Donate online through the University of Arkansas giving website for a small service charge. Make sure to select “Other department, program, or fund (enter below)” from the dropdown box in section 1 and then enter “Arkansas Teacher Corps Society” in the text box that appears.

Designated Support Opportunities

Fund 1 Community-Sponsored Fellow
for three years of service in a geographic region or content area of your choice


Endow 1 Competitive Fellowship
for a lasting commitment to a geographic region or content area of your choice


Endow 1 Community-Sponsored Fellowship
for a lasting commitment to a region, content area, or partner district of your choice


Please contact Brandon Lucius, executive director, at blucius[at] for more information about the ATC Society or these special opportunities.