ATC Staff, Fellows Attend Education Innovation Rally

On September 26-27, Arkansas Teacher Corps staff and fellows attended the 2022 Education Innovation Rally in Hot Springs, AR hosted by the U of A’s Office of Innovation for Education. ATC executive director Brandon Lucius led a breakout session titled “The Whole Teacher: Supporting Educators Personally and Professionally” focused on teacher retention data and ATC’s strategies for retaining fellows through supports like coaching, social-emotional learning, and personal wellness. ATC director of institute Matthew Caston also led a breakout session titled “Cultivating Joy in Education Leadership” centered on the skills, practices, techniques necessary for building a team culture of joy and resilience. ATC teacher development manager Kendra Ide, recruiter Whitney Carter, summer equity co-facilitator Dasnee McChristian, and teaching fellows Ava Hollins-Rogers (ATC ’20) and Tyler Lewis (ATC ’20) also attended the two-day conference to deepen their learning and embrace the four pillars of Joy, Growth, Connection, and Success to realize an ambitious vision for teaching and learning.