You Are Extraordinary

Hi all, 

To wrap up this month, I wanted to provide a poem by Rupi Kaur. This month our blast notes have been focused on the accomplishments of women, and while I considered changing this one to focus only on words addressing the current pandemic, I personally have been finding great peace in moments of routine right now. While I know it isn’t helping me, I personally have not been able to keep myself away from constantly taking in media and news, and the few times I stumbled on a podcast that was recorded in December have started to feel like a breath of fresh air to me. 

So here is the poem that came to mind when I first thought of what I would write for this blast: 

It probably is familiar to you all, and the reason that I picked it was to highlight the often unseen awesomeness and strength that women have. The reason I picked it for this group was because to me it is also extremely true of teachers. No one is born an amazing teacher, we learn, reflect, grow everyday.

The personal growth is what allows us to become change agents, not who we were when we started. When I think of this–although the only thing that currently is certain is uncertainty in the coming days, weeks, and months–I actually feel some peace. 

Right now, I imagine that we all are entering in to spaces, conversations, and moments in such different places. Frankly, I have been shocked by how many different responses I am able to have in one day or conversation. Sometimes I can’t talk about everything that is changing, sometime it is all that I can talk about. 

I keep reminding myself that is okay: It is okay to mourn what we are losing. It is okay to be ready to take on the world. I feel relief knowing that whatever we will accomplish we get to do together, with our amazing students, teachers and team. 

Whatever you do, wash your hands and make sure to take your census.