Our Fellows’ Amazing Work in Fall 2020

This year has been particularly challenging as we’ve all raced to adjust to a “new normal” of social distancing and virtual learning, while still working toward annual growth goals and trying to keep our own loved ones safe.

As we reflect on 2020, we’re grateful for all of the amazing educators and leaders who have gone above-and-beyond this year for those they teach and lead. Moreover, we are so grateful for all of the small sacrifices made that have allowed us to collectively grow despite the additional challenges of this year.

We’re grateful for our fellows and the amazing work they do for their students:

  • Jazmin Berlanga-Medina (ATC ’18) secured a Walmart donation for a classroom set of mciro:bits on behalf of the Blytheville High School STEM club “Girls Who Code”.
  • Hosea Born (ATC ’18) was named the Arkansas Education Association 2020 Teacher of the Year and raised over $6,000 through DonorsChoose this year to benefit his classroom in Hope, including $2,300 this fall for art supplies supporting students bringing their real-world business plans to life.
  • Tyler Lewis (ATC ’20) received a $2,000 grant to support the Central High School (LR) theatre department with the purchase of two large 3D printers, training, lesson plans, and materials.
  • Mary Guthrie (ATC ’18) began the Japanese Club at Osceola STEM Academy last year and has recruited 20 members in 5th-9th grade for two aftenoon meetings per week this year. Many returning students are studying Japanese in their free time and have foundational conversation skills in the language.
  • Nneka Love (ATC ’19) and the hospitality team at Anna Strong Elementary (Lee County) hosted a successful Fall Teacher Appreciation Day with the collection of donations and gift baskets for school employees who had fallen ill or lost loved ones.
  • Delaney Wells (ATC ’18) was named 2019-20 Teacher of the Year for James Matthews Elementary (Dollarway) and has had eight projects fully funded through DonorsChoose, including $1,300 raised this fall for student recreation and wellness activities.
  • Alex Garcia (ATC ’18) launched a new education podcast called The Art of Learning and incorporated holistic social-emotional learning into his business classes at Blytheville High School. One example assignment, The Virtual Museum of Intrapersonal Communication, is a virtual experience for visitors to explore their own emotions and better understand how our emotions impact our perception of the world and ourselves.

We hope you have a happy and healthy break this holiday season, and we look forward to all we might accomplish together in 2021!