March into Wellness: Getting Grounded

As the series title suggests, this month we will be spotlighting techniques you can use to practice wellness and self-care anywhere you are. Use them in the morning before heading out to work, during your lunch break after a stressful class, or to wind down and calm your mind when you get home for the day.

The technique of the week is a favorite grounding exercise of mine: the five senses countdown!

The 5–4–3–2–1 Sensory Grounding Exercise

  • Name five things you can see in this room.
  • Without moving, name four things you can feel (such as the floor under your feet).
  • Name three things you can hear.
  • Name two things you can smell or like the smell of.
  • Name one thing you can taste or like the taste of.
  • Repeat as necessary until your stressful thoughts have passed.

Once your body has calmed down, you can return to the problem and engage in proactive problem solving. Begin this practice as soon as you notice your stress warning signs.