Why We Teach Our Teachers to Meditate

John Hall, ATC’s director of partnerships, has been a long-time believer in and utilizer of mindfulness meditation, but over the past two years this practice has turned into an everyday commitment that fuels his well-being as both a person and professional. He earned his certification as a Koru mindfulness facilitator in 2020 and since then has offered a series of free classes for ATC teachers and other educators from ATC’s partner schools. As he prepares to begin a new course for ATC fellows on March 9, John took a moment to reflect on his journey with mindfulness and the impact that mindfulness meditation can have on students and educators alike.

ATC Welcomes 4 New Fellows After 1st Deadline

Susie O'Neal, Ariana Rowles, Riley Tribble, and Erica Williams have been selected for ATC fellowships to teach 4-8 social studies, 7-12 ELA, 7-12 social studies, and 7-12 family/consumer science, respectively, in the Arkansas Delta. The next deadline for fellowship applications is January 1, 2021.

Unlocking Your Wisdom

Why can we give friends, family, loved ones, students, coworkers, etc. all the great advice they need, while we don’t actually show up for ourselves in that same way consistently? Is it just me that notices this? This year I think I’ve learned something of this answer as it pertains to me.