Thank you for working with us to ensure that all students are able to grow in their own social-emotional learning!

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented disruption to the way we typically conduct schooling. While we have all had to make continual adjustments to our practice to best meet students’ needs in the moment, this disruption to a “normal year” has been especially hard on our students and their families. This student survey will help us to assess where our students are as humans so that we can work together to make our classrooms an even more inviting and empowering place for students.


All fellows with students in grades 6-12 will administer the survey. If you teach multiple grades, you only need to give the survey to class periods with students in grades 6-12.


All data will be used within ATC to identify areas for growth, and all student information will be kept as confidential as possible. Participation is voluntary for students, and there is no consequence for individual students who opt out. (Make sure to collect an opt-out form for any student who does not wish to complete the survey.)

For the Fellow. ATC Fellows will receive a report in early November 2021 with an overall average of students’ responses to each question; ATC coaches will work with Fellows throughout the fall TESS cycle to review their survey data and set classroom goals for the spring. A post-survey will be administered in April so that Fellows are able to assess where their students have improved and set goals for the following year.

For the Education Community. ATC staff and University researchers will also conduct statistical analysis of students’ responses this fall for a more comprehensive comparison of where students are socially-emotionally in fall 2021 versus the last time we administered this survey in fall 2019. This will allow us to generate some initial research around how COVID-19 has impacted our students’ social and emotional engagement in school. This analysis will only consider trends and patterns across ALL student responses — individual students, fellows, and/or schools will NOT be identified.


We need your help administering surveys to ensure we have as many students participating as possible. Although student participation is voluntary, the feedback and research gained from these surveys will be more reliable with more student responses.

Step 1: Decide When to Give the Survey. Review your calendar and pacing guide to pick a day between April 4-29 to administer the survey. The survey takes approximately 15-30 minutes to complete and should be completed in one sitting. (Pro tip: make sure to include the survey on your lesson plans for the date you chose so admin aren’t caught by surprise.)

Step 2: Request Paper Copies (If Needed). While we STRONGLY encourage all Fellows to utilize the electronic versions of the student survey to make it as easy as possible to collect student responses, we can print and mail paper copies to those Fellows who have no other option. Please complete this form to request paper copies at least 2 weeks before the date you plan to administer the survey.

Step 3: Print and Distribute Student Opt-Out Letters. Send these letters home with students at least 1-2 days before you plan to administer the survey in class. Students only need to return signed letters if they DO NOT want to participate. Please collect and keep signed opt-out letters for any students not participating; we will ask for these after all surveys have been administered.

Step 4: Administer Student Survey. Have students complete the survey during class using either the English or Spanish version. If completing the online survey, make sure that students fully submit their responses on the final page. You can access the online surveys by clicking below OR by having students manually type the links below into their browser.

Step 5: Return Any Paper Copies. We will follow-up with Fellows in May with instructions for returning paper copies of student surveys or any opt-out forms for students not participating.