Summer Directors Selected, Accepting Mentor Apps

Whitney Carter (ATC ’18), Alex Garcia (ATC ’18), Kendra Ide (ATC ’16), and Bernard Smith (ATC ’17) have been selected to serve as the directors of logistics, facilitation, coaching and equity, respectively, for the 2021 ATC Summer Institute. Applications for summer mentors are due Sunday, January 17.

We are very excited to announce the summer directors for Summer Institute 2021!

This year, all four directors are current/former ATC Fellows and all have previous experience working during former summer institutes. Drawing on their combined experience of over 15 years as ATC Fellows, this year’s team is working to create a dynamic virtual experience designed to equip our Fellows for success in the classroom.   

Whitney Carter will return as the Director of Logistics. Whitney is a 2018 fellow and has taught career and technical education at Forrest City High School for four years. She served as a summer mentor in 2019 and director of logistics in 2020. Whitney says, “I never want to be so GROWN that I forget to continue my GROWTH! So, COME ON SI 2021 FELLOWS!! LET’S GROW TOGETHER!!!!” 

Alex Garcia will serve as the Director of Facilitation. Alex is a 2018 fellow and has taught career and technical education at Blytheville High School for five years. He served as a summer mentor in 2019 and 2020. Alex says, “This summer I want to grow to discover new parts of myself as a teacher and as a person. For fellows, I want to work to develop growth mindsets, help them better their own practice in education, and uncover the reservoirs of resilience within themselves.” 

Kendra Ide will continue as the Director of Coaching. Kendra was a 2016 fellow and taught ELA for three years at Forest City High School. She previously served as a summer mentor in 2018 and 2019. This is her second year as a full-time teacher coach with ATC and to serve as the summer director of coaching. Kendra says, “Invest in good blue-light glasses but always remember they will reflect your phone screen back into the camera.”

Bernard Smith will return as the Director of Equity. Bernard was a 2017 fellow and has taught mathematics and computer science at Blytheville High School for four years. He served as a summer tutor in 2018, summer mentor in 2019, and director of equity in 2020.

In addition to our four directors, we are looking for six Summer Mentors to help guide our new Fellows through their summer experience.  Summer mentors will be the first point-of-contact for a Mentor Group of four to six Fellows as they gain foundational knowledge and develop skills to be effective teachers.

Mentors will work collaboratively with Summer Directors to build and sustain a supportive, growth-oriented culture for Fellows to improve their practices. Each mentor group will be organized as much as possible by grade and content, but you may coach teachers of any content area and grade level.

Mentors will work part-time in the spring semester in preparation for Institute and full-time during Institute from late May through mid-July. Mentors are expected to fulfill the following job responsibilities:

  • Complete required prework, training, and personal development with the Director of Coaching
  • Give weekly feedback to each Fellow on instruction, classroom management, and work/life balance through lesson and unit planning, regular observations, and weekly coaching debriefs
  • Guide Fellows in self-assessing their areas of strength and growth, personally and professionally
  • Assist in planning, promoting, and attending ATC events throughout the summer
  • Serve as a warm mentor with clear expectations, building a supportive, growth-oriented environment
  • Maintain a positive, solutions-focused and growth-oriented approach at all time

To apply, click the “apply here” button above. The deadline for mentor applications is Sunday, January 17. If you have any questions, please reach out to Matt Caston at