Building Trust and Community

I hope this message finds you well. I’ve spent a lot of time in recent weeks thinking about how the ATC Core Values help to define and build up this community. People say often that healthy community is built on trust, and I agree, but we don’t often spend a lot of time thinking through how trust is built. I think our values lay out a blueprint for this without even meaning to. Continuous Learning, Brave Vulnerability, Collective Responsibility, and Leadership for Equity are all important values to live into for their own sake, but in our community I see them serving a greater purpose. 

  • We can trust each other because we see the dedication we put into continuing to learn and grow. We believe that the person in session with us is skilled, knowledgeable, and capable. We base our decisions and actions in data and research. 
  • We can trust each other because we come to our professional community as full people. We challenge ourselves to be honest, vulnerable, and humble and in those moments of vulnerability we build real lasting relationship. We show care and expect it of others. 
  • We can trust each other because we’ve watched others step up to the plate when needed. We work as cohorts and not as isolated individuals. We see our role as part of a larger movement and value the contributions everyone brings to the collective. 
  • We can trust each other because we see those around us putting words into action. We know there are different ways to lead and value the leadership in those around us. We see leaders who fight not for spotlight or attention, but for students. 

I know this year is a weird one. We don’t get to spend the time face to face that we usually do. We may feel a bit disconnected from other ATC community members, but we can continue to build community. We build community by making the most of the virtual space we’re able to hold together and by continuing to live into and celebrate the Core Values. 

  • In Continuous Learning, we build trust and community.
  • In Brave Vulnerability, we build trust and community.
  • In Collective Responsibility, we build trust and community.
  • In Leadership for Equity, we build trust and community.

Lean into the values we’ve agreed to uphold and lean on one another. I’m so very excited to see the stories of success and community that we are able to share a the end of this year. 

In Solidarity,