Laren Childers

“Science and math do not have to be scary subjects. Science is all around us and bringing chemistry and math to everyday activities is my goal.”
Laren Childers

Laren Childers, a new ATC teacher from Bartlesville, Oklahoma, holds a Bachelor Degree from the University of Oklahoma, and a Master’s Degree from Texas A&M. He is a retired Chemical Engineer and he recently completed a five year overseas assignment. He has worked as a scientist and engineer for 30+ years.

Among other successes he achieved during his years as a scientist and engineer, Laren:

  • Managed a major construction project in Saudi Arabia,
  • Scoped, designed and constructed more than 50 capital projects,
  • Started a new technology center supporting 17 production units, and
  • Received a U.S. Patent based on research performed at the Freeport Texas site.

Laren has always wanted to teach high school. In ATC, Laren saw the opportunity to work within education towards the “noble cause of social justice.” Laren says he is looking forward to getting to know his students and showing them that math and science can be fun, interesting and exciting. Laren will be teaching math at Dermott High School in the fall.